Spiritual Healing

It’s funny how the more you hear about spiritual healing the more you think its an unattainable concept that the rich and famous continuously refer to.

But the most in-depth spiritual healing comes from yourself, when you don’t do anything more than just reflect situationally and abstract yourself from your emotions to look at pragmatic reasoning and logic to the sequence of things within your grasp.

Most of all that abstraction allows us to look upon ourself as an entity which would naturally be reactive rather than forward thinking. Your inner core will speculate with you whether you are on the right journey and that little voice inside, as much as it nags should be heard. The more you choose to ignore it the more the power it has dwindles and the more you lose the respect of yourself and your spiritual guide.

No matter your religion or belief these concepts ring true for all of us, as our energies are connected and do at times become one.

Have you noticed how a smile can travel long journeys? So can a negative mind. In the mornings on the way to work through the busy London tube stations, the beings who go with the flow disconnect themselves from the positive of those around them and focus on the abstract mission of achieving their target, which is reaching work. They are willing to push and shove their way through the masses of bodies, stomping and stamping everyone while they huff and puff at the slowness of the less optimally built individuals slowing the queues.

Survival instinct begins to kick in and you mnemonically kick into the rhythm of transformation to mimic this behaviour without thinking twice and the atmosphere builds to a more negative powerful form. Those standing at the gates to allow you through see this ignorance of respect and naturally begin to take it personally. I recently spoke to one of the attendants and he said that you so much for acknowledging that I exist. This interpretation leads to low self worth and impacts on their daily life and families and ultimately the chain reaction goes on into a vicious cycle.

Small changes in this could have an opposite ripple effect with brighter days and less pain. Let’s not forget what happens in the tube trains themselves, or did you not notice a recent book published on manipulation so you can get a seat? How about you give up your seat once in a while and feel fulfilled for it… especially to someone more needy than you, a pregnant lady or an older person?


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