Winter Days

As the days draw closer inward we try begin to hibernate or feel like a cosy warm bed, a warm hot chocolate or a good book will begin to full fill our time in a much more comfortable way then being outside exposed to the harsh winds and cold. However, some of us are slightly more adventurous and our blood boils when experiencing adrenaline filled moments that heighten our senses to what life really has to offer.

Me….? well I like to write. It is a way for me to escape what’s beyond my vision and be able to tap into something more my own. A world I have that I can create and live in and feel as secure or insecure as I wish. Even sleep is unable to provide me with this relief as it seems my mind has other ideas about what it would like to sort out.

All I will try and do is bring you closer to who I am by telling you my story and beyond this you may or not want to share my adventures into the book about the “Enlightened Few”. I feel this word has been abused in the media and wish to try and remediate this by sharing with you an epic journey into the fantasy world of a few people’s lives that are similar to ours. But before I do this, you need to learn about me and me about you.

So don’t be shy, don’t be scared, just be you!


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