Moving House – a grand new experience

So I haven’t written in a while because its been a crazy time here at home. Packing up a flat and moving to a new house isn’t the easiest thing if you decide to solo it without any vampire moving company. I think the worst thing for me is because I am such a perfectionist I can’t feel settled in at home until I have everything in its right place. We ended up working until 2 am nightly and believe me there comes a time in your life, no matter how energetic you are you just *CRASH*. There it is, dead on the floor sleeping till 3:30pm in the afternoon, feeling like your whole body is falling apart, you don’t seem to care to be motivated enough to even lift a finger never mind even open an eyelid. The cold seeps in through the windows and you just enjoy curling up in bed.

Mind you the other thing is, these agents that find you flats to rent… you know which ones I am talking about. They make sure to charge you a massive amount for an inventory check. Here comes godzilla the inventory checker lady, with her famous checklist and board. She starts running her inspecting fingers on the top of the door and then alongside every cabinet and corner she can find. You have spent 5 hours cleaning the apartment and it turns out no matter how hard you tried you FAILED. A bit of dirt here and there and who knows a HEAVY bill for hundreds. “Oh there are few more marks on the shower doors than before” boom there goes the coins. Can you here them clunking around? I wish I could go to her house with my checklist, I tell you I would have her out of house and home. *cheeky grin*

By the way, I really do enjoy living in the new house no matter what. Nothing material so far can compare to having a loving home.

Not to say the least a million things were buzzing round the office and having a hectic day at work doesn’t help you relax. Not to say that you should be relaxing at work, but making the enjoyment of work possible certainly becomes the impossible, cause you tired and the grumpiness is starting to rub off on your colleagues. You just pray and hope that no one notices anything too out of the ordinary, apart from those dark rings around your eyes and the fact that you are losing some weight :). Which in my case is not too much of a bonus, but I would like to see the up side. Less body fat more cold, we all have our problems….

Ironically it was also this time of year when you got a whole bunch of big boys at work making big player decisions and you try not get too involved in the politics. Stand back all, let’s keep a low profile and get on with the business of doing what’s right for the company.

When it however gets busy, everything gets busy. Unfortunately with life everything comes in waves. So I ended up going to this special dinner for alumni members only and the presenter was someone really really famous, but guess what…. what he had to say I definitely didn’t agree with it. Way too optimistic about the way the economy is going and sometimes you wonder what all this propaganda is about. Go ahead invest, don’t worry, they go and collect your hard earned money and bam everything falls to pieces. They win you lose. Be careful! Optimistic side: I made a lot of contacts and I am much happier that the event paid at least for something.


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