Jingle Bells and Sniffles

Another cold morning in the lovely part of England. Wake up in the dark, travel in the dark, don’t see any daylight really and then go home in the dark. Exciting isn’t it.

Unfortunately, the worst thing of all is that you also then see your colleagues getting ill. Dropping off like bugs at work…. there were 10 green colleagues sitting on the wall, then there were 9 etc. you get the drift. Point is, it also comes down to you. Did you take your vitamins? Eat fruit? Dress warmly? Stress Less? ok…so half of that was less than a No. So it started off with a little bit of pain at the back of my throat and then I took some painkillers…. why you say? Well they are anti-inflamatories and they should help and they did just a bit. The cold moved on from my throat to my nose and I will not really be giving you any money for guessing that its totally blocked now. At least I’m not snoring in my sleep :).

So yesterday was all about writing Christmas cards and today it will be all about making cookies, but I did have some time to watch some television. The last few episodes of Oprah were airing. I haven’t watched Oprah for like years now, but it seems she can still make me cry. It was a show about her most memorable guests. This one lady unfortunately had terminal breast cancer and it lasted 5 and a half years before she passed. Every day if not multiple times a day she made video recordings for her daughter who was 6 at the time. She was trying to teach her daughter everything about anything, so she would know what to do and feel loved always. I mean she made so many video recordings they filled the whole lounge floor of their house. How amazing is that?

There was another story of these two Rwandan kids who during the genocide hid in the bushes while their family was being killed off and burnt in their home. Later an American church brought them to America and they found them foster parents. The one girl wrote how she connected deeply ¬†to a holocaust book that they were reading as an english assignment and sent the piece to Oprah who had a show with this author. They felt so responsible for helping out these two little girls that they managed to find the remainder of her family and bring them over. It made me cry to seem them hugging and being so loving. It’s amazing what we can do to help one another.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know. The About me at the top of the page is a drop down and every page inside this is a part of my life.

Guys and Girls. Don’t be scared to leave comments. Once I get some recipes and things I will share them with you. Now all I want for Christmas is some SNOW!


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