My Friends!

I have to say that I am truly grateful to have such special friends. Cooking and preparing for them was so easy no matter how much work it actually was in the end. Hearing their voices fill up my house was so worth it. No matter how many presents there are to fill my house with, nothing can compare to their love, affection, their thankfulness and their laughter. Beautiful people are such due to the inside, due to the love their able to share and provide you with.

I will just cherish this birthday, another special memory in my little mind bank.

Finally G feels like he is also part of something and enjoyed himself. Seeing him happy makes me happy too!

Give a little of yourself and don’t expect anything in return, sometimes that is a lot more satisfying than reciprocity.

Try it and you’ll see!

I am getting older its true, but with age I seem to gain more experience in different things like baking. I actually managed to make a chocolate cake Nigela’s Chocolate cake. It was excellent according to my guests. Mind you mixing the mixture manually…. not recommended. It killed my arms!

We ate really healthily tonight… boiled vegetables and salmon. I also had little pancakes with humus, others with prawn cocktail and lastly with tarama an smoked salmon.

With guests well fed and ready to rock and roll, I got them to dance on dance party on the wii. As usually G had to get the highest score, don’t know how he does it.

It is the end of the party and the guests have left.. and I already miss them.

I welcome them in the future to come back and let me spoil them some more.



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