Staying in after a night of Partying

I definitely did not get sick from drinking, but I did get worse in terms of my flu. So I decided that apart from taking some Lemsip, I will browse the internet to see if i can find something useful to treat my flu with.

Guess what, there are self treatment guides online. Every adult could expect to get ill twice in a year. Funny that, some of my employees have been ill more than 4 times in a year. Either their immune system is off or something is going on in our office that shouldn’t be.

I quote from the guidelines:

“But there is usually no need to go to your doctor, or to suffer in silence, as a cold is not serious and you can ease the misery and get through it with the help of over-the-counter medicines.

FACT: The cold season lasts from September to March. 80% of all annual colds are contracted during this time period. ”


  • symptoms come on quickly with shivering – not me
  •  headache – check
  •  muscle aches in the back and legs – check
  •  and dizziness – not me
  • A high temperature always develops, but should go down within 48 hours – who knows my heating is too high

Totally not me yet….. LOVE TO EAT

  • Symptoms similar to a cold then develop and may be accompanied by loss of appetite
  • nausea
  • and even vomiting.
The worst is usually over in 4-5 days but complete recovery can take up to 10 days . – Well then it better end soon.
Prevention is always better than cure

What you can do

If you can, stay away from people with colds to avoid getting infected.

Do not touch your nose or eyes after being in contact with somebody who has a cold or influenza.

If there are colds around, wash your hands often to keep the viruses off them.

Day 2-3 – YOU ARE ILL and you got runny nose and everything

What you can do

It’s probably best to stay at home to avoid spreading your cold to others.

Take it easy and rest if possible.

Keep warm, and keep the atmosphere moist.

Drink plenty of fluids, as you will lose a lot through mucus production and possibly perspiration.

Avoid smoking if possible, as it will further irritate the throat and the lining of the nose.

Their recommendation:

Suck lozenges or pastilles to ease a sore throat. Some are simply pleasantly flavoured with lemon or blackcurrant, and contain glycerin to lubricate a
sore throat, while others are medicated. For very sore throats, when it hurts to swallow, there are lozenges and throat sprays containing local anaesthetics, and a lozenges containing anti-inflammatory ingredients.

For a troublesome dry cough, take a linctus containing a cough suppressant such as dextromethorphan. Linctuses containing antihistamines are also for dry coughs and because they tend to cause drowsiness, are useful to take at bedtime if a cough is keeping you awake at night. Sucking lozenges will also help control a dry cough.

For that ‘generally awful’ feeling take ibuprofen or paracetamol.*

For more information please visit

🙂 good luck —- I need it too.


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