Men are hot

So you are married and you sitting at a party, you may end up being hit on or enjoy a flirtatious conversation coming on. You think to yourself if you should dare respond for the fun of it as its innocent or whether you should pretend it never happened.

Most times you can get away with either unless the other party has a deeper agenda, in which case a swift exit might be strongly advisable.

It is good for both a women and men to flirt, because it should affect their relationships with their partners in a healthy way eventhough its with other people.
Why do you think I say this?

Well its because you feel sexier, you get more confidence, you feel more motivated and it activates the need for your partners affection.

It also not be good if abused, going down the wrong road can bring you lots of heartache.
Not for the not so strong willed then.

What makes a woman feel sexy…?
Nice clothes, makeup, hair, shoes, eating the right foods, getting the undivided attention and attraction, massage, and allowing herself to be what she naturally is.

What makes a man feel sexy….?
Good clothes and hair, confidence in his abilities and the more testosterone they have the more sexyness they have.

So have fun, but family comes first and nothing can compare in value to this. Your true happiness lies in it. When you get lost don’t think about the now think about the tomorrow. what’s better?


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