Alice in Wonderland – the madness returns

Has anyone actually played this game before? It is absolutely insane. A labyrinth of many rooms, rabbit holes, from japanese styled themed scenarios, to underwater, to cards up in the air and everything you haven’t even thought of. The controls are pretty easy to navigate and soon you going to be glued to your screen for hours. The storyline is pretty maddening and you’ll really want to understand where it actually goes. Alice, an innocent little orphan whose parents and sister burned in a fire goes into wonderland to recover her memories and some drink me potions. She tries to help many different characters in this world to overcome some evil that has possessed the land. There is this terribly frightening train that looks like several cathedrals going through Wonderland on Fire. Alice needs to stop this train. Your weapons, well this is where it becomes exciting:

  1. Pepper grinder
  2. Teapot
  3. Carving knife (vorpal blade)
  4. Hobby horse

Each one can be upgraded with teeth, yes I said TEETH. You got to collect them in the game, you get them from killing things and finding pots / boxes to smash. Your outfits are many and change with each scene. Funny enough, but if you want them in real life also you can get them here: or the original outfit but its not halloween yet! Have fun and let me know how you get on. Our girl has come a long way, some of these scenes may be offensive, so for the faint hearted close your eyes :).


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