Definitely not a SuperHero

Have you seen how bad the wind has been in some places?

I’m really sorry for not writing for some time. I suppose New Year happened and it has kind of led to an anticlimax, by the way not much different from my bread flop. I did get a nice wish inside though, you will develop a profitable business venture it said. At least it didn’t say “darth vader is your father”.So I can do cakes, but not bread yet, I told my guests to consume the bread at own risk, no liability.
I haven’t really been able to sleep of late and thus been extremely tired, focused on work and therefore neglected you. A contributor hasc been the horrid winds that almost blew me off the platform and in front of a train.

Commuting has been a painful experience this year, with the constant increase in train ticket prices that come off of your savings, the major delays and the annoying morning people tapping loudly that you sometimes just want to say “Shut up” to. It seems all I am doing is increasing the layers of clothing that I am wearing and then I am sinking into the train seat, when I can find one, and falling asleep. Yesterday I fell asleep and my jaw automatically flapped open and scared all the passengers away. So when I woke up everyone from the four seater unit I was sitting at had disappeared. I got asked by G and a friend if I was snoring? The answer is no, but a mouth wide open like that is dangerous.

Talking about trains, today I was followed by a good looking lady into a tube; she sat right opposite me and began adjusting her shoelaces on her boots. At first I thought nothing of it, but after 2min I couldn’t stop starring at what she was doing. It took her 10min and she kept flipping the shoe laces from side to side wondering how she was supposed to tie them. Man oh man, I was dreading the time when she would actually have to tie the knot. It was a nightmare, she couldn’t tie the knot. I got up gracefully and ran out the tube so as not to have to say something like “do you need some help?”, “dont buy shoes with laces” or actually tie them for her.

One other thing I have noticed when travelling is when someone sits next to you they can’t stop twitching, turning and wiggling their butt. They normally do this to substantiate their position next to you and you like “dude, you are a person not a peacock, sit still!”

I really need to take down my Christmas decorations its becoming embarrassing, so that’s my plan for this weekend.

Any cool plans? It’s so funny that a lot of you talk to me in person or send me messages but never on here.

Anyway talk to you guys again soon. Planning to catch a movie tonight, ill tell you about it tomorrow. By the way Sherlock Holmes was super funny and well done, so highly recommend it.


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