Talking through the bushes

So one thing I have noticed lately is that a lot of people don’t really have the balls to stand up to you and tell you what they are thinking so they prefer to talk to you in a crowd, but not directly, instead indirectly. It is easier this way, because if you approach them and say were you referring to me? then they can deny it and sheepishly hide behind this wall. A similar phenomenon I found is being performed when writing emails to a group.

It is indeed a strange behaviour, but uniquely or rather predominantly occurring within the UK. I can promise you that I have not seen any Germans or Dutch doing this, they will be right up in your face with their fist. So don’t go there!

I find this type of behaviour strongly challenging, as I wait for the opportunity to catch the individual out doing a similar thing to what they were referring to in their memorable speech and this time indicate that previously they must have been referring to themselves in the third person. Any person referring to themselves in the third person must be slightly mad, or at least some form of fruit at least its better than a vegetable.

Anyway, this week I have decided to take things slightly more lightheartedly and have resumed really understanding what is important. Spiritual growth is really prohibited when anger or depression resides in the soul, it is a like a shutter from the world.

I said that I was going to give you a review of the movie I was planning to watch… but unfortunately I did not manage to watch any at the cinema. However, I did watch a few at a home.

1. Nine
2. The Black Death
3. 3:10 to Yuma

As much as I like little characters made out of sandbag material, I think this movie is definitely not for the kids.

It is a story about a few little creatures (9 in total) that were created to fight the machines. The machines were created by one monster machine, which was created by mankind. Unfortunately it didn’t have a soul, something resembling me…. just joking. Anyway, the humans did not manage to destroy it and the professor who made it also created these little guys to beat him and restore the balance of nature. Who wins and dies is irrelevant. The story is about these little characters having turmoil amongst each other that they cannot even agree to a plan until events unfold and force them to respond. The characters are stereotypes of people in their most coarse form. Worst of all is that it shows how we really are as individuals every day, fighting one another’s ideas until we are forced to face the elephant in the room and how the braver few have to exhaust so much energy convincing the others to give them some support and aid. If you want to a waste 2 hours go ahead and watch it, but I warn you the ending is somewhat abrupt and the story never really hits a climax.

The second movie “The Black Death”, I don’t even know where to start with this one…..The movie is of a historical nature, somewhere on the corner of fiction and reality. It starts off with a monastery and a monk who defies his faith as he is in love with a woman, yet is convinced he is not breaking really any rules and lets his love wander off into a dangerous forest while the black death grips and consumes everyone around them.

A black knight sent by the Archbishop himself arrives at the monastery for a guide to a village that has not yet experienced the plague and is to capture the demon that is protecting this village in the name of God.

Interestingly the monk decides to go on this epic journey with these maniac killers and finds himself at a loss of words when he comes to the spot that his love had promised to wait for him at every morning for seven days from the day that she left the village; only to find blood spread all over the rocks and ground.

The final stretch of their journey leads them to this little village that is supposed to have a necromancer and she drugs them to sleep and imprisons them. Before this happens she tries to convert the monk by asking him to refuse his faith and join her villagers and re-awakens his beloved through a ritual. To cut the story short…. he plays her, kills his beloved because she seems to be mad and he thinks she is possessed by evil due to the ritual, he kills everyone and runs after the necromancer. The necromancer then tells him that he actually killed his beloved, because she had never died and was only drugged to mimic a deathly state. Those that didn’t die in the village ultimately get sick, cause one of the soldiers brought the illness and the church and the balance of God was again reinstated according to the narrator of the movie. The villagers weren’t sick because they were remote and therefore protected initially and that evil didn’t really exist.

So for the rest of this monk’s life, after being unable to kill the necromancer, he sees her in a lot of woman and performs witch hunts.

most interesting scene

My interpretation of the story… well is the director trying to tell us that anyone can be converted? Well this guy was bad anyway… so no major conversion there? Does he want to tell us that the church has utter control and dictated what happened, where and called it God’s punishment and God’s gift….? So ultimately saying that the church is bad? Is he saying that evil doesn’t exist and that the church fabricates it?

Personally I do not think it has anything to do with the church and ultimately has to do with people and we create everything, even bad movies. By the way the last image shows the most interesting part of the movie and there is no story behind it, only some guys treading water and whipping themselves on their backs.

Lastly the third movie was vaguely interesting and it was rather difficult to analyse; why was the main character so fascinated by the supporting actor? Watch it and let me know.

All I know is communication is obviously an issues through any media, even this blog… cause it’s late and I need to sleep :).

I got good advice when it comes to sleep:

What does one good turn do for you?
Give you all the blankets.


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