Gym to make up for a lost hat?

So we know that many people work in public offices and no matter what country you in it gives me the goosebumps thinking about going to any governmental department. For some reason, it must be me, I always have trouble.

Want to renew your passport? 3 months wait for an appointment….. then rejected application? why? because you send 40 faxes to tell them to get more information from their other office so you can do your application but they don’t do it, or the other office doesn’t reply. So you go to your appointment and they turn you away. Pleas reschedule…. wait another 2 months…. then you redo the application wait another 3 months and you don’t have a passport for like 8 months of the year… don’t worry they only valid for 5 years…..!!

Then you go and try to apply for another nationality, cause you totally bored and fed up with the process above… SAME STUFF And you like chained to these terrible shackles of bureaucratic crap, where most of the people speak to you give you different advice and no one, I REALLY MEAN NO ONE really knows what the true answer is. Probably you do more than them. They say sorry we don’t claim to know everything, but we are the people that sign off your application at the end of the day, so we limited by what we know. So if you not  a standard case… by the way I have always been a special case… the answer is usually a two letter FAT WORD NO.

So here I am calling backwards and forwards trying to sort out my life and while this is going on I am trying to find a place to lean on, while everyone is staring at me … so in the end … I lost my hat.. from being on the phone begging for more advice while the person on the other end clearly doesn’t want to hear you and tries to talk over you so that you don’t ask anything complicated and treats you like crap, to prove they know the one sentenced they learnt. Here I am pacing up and down anywhere I can find to lean against with my heavy bag trying to find a signal to talk…. and what is the result a lost HAT…. my beloved hat.

So I see this on the internet and I am thinking maybe I should now steal my neighbour’s cat. What do you think?

So anyway I have finally made it to the gym… entirely regret eating my chicken teriyaki, it made me feel good and for the first time in my new house I would really love to sleep soundly.


One thought on “Gym to make up for a lost hat?

  1. I like it when you turn a grumpy experience into a fun to read blog, the cathat is a definite winner! lol 🙂 Keep the fun going we will definitely keep reading!

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