Is the news worth reading or watching?

When we were all children we never really used to watch the news, never mind read it. Nowadays I see some kids like doing this, but usually not for long.  As a young adult I still continued the trend by being almost completely isolated from things that were going on. It never really affected me directly then and reading the news now doesn’t really change things either. Although I do have an opinion about the stories I read. Also, I end up using the stories to fill up dead conversations not that the people you speak to even care about those types of things.

The news in the morning is exactly the same as it is in the evening and when a huge story explodes it can run on for days and they just keep repeating it and there is never anything new to it. Sometimes I do admire how they keep going at it with enthusiasm. I wonder if they have 10 monkeys in the background writing the script over and over for fun? Don’t you love it when someone completely innocent finds themselves in a tornado storm of propaganda and then it takes ages for them to do all sorts of things to try to clear that lie. In fact I think this is so abusive.

I literally can scan the paper in 10 min and that’s it, I know all there is to know.

In today’s paper they writing about how the transport minister managed to help agree the deal for building a fast train link. Tomorrow they will say how they didn’t estimate this properly and how this will not happen.

When it comes to the NHS its always about not having enough nursing staff in hospitals, especially not having enough midwives. What is being done about this? What about price rises in food, electricity, travel etc.? Has he media lost their touch.

I suppose everything is a scandal and it better stay that way in order to have an article in the newspaper.

Perhaps its time the news is always good news! it will definitely make me a happy reader. I do think that the more informative articles that are actually trying to teach us something, I suppose you can’t call them news, but they are fun to read.


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