How do you cross the border?

There are so many ways to cross a border. You are probably wondering if I am referring to a country border, or a physical border or a mental border. Well I am referring to the whole lot.

We create borders through feelings, perception, they are sometimes imposed on us or generally we can also assume that borders exist.

Personally, I find this rather limiting and yet I can’t escape it. If you take a country border you wonder when and how people should cross it and who should be allowed. The minute you start putting rules to this you begin to miss out on opportunities and good people. You also begin to limit the amount of negative and bad people that can come. However, where is the balance. Is it a one to one relationship? I don’t think so. If you take Mr Branson for example would you be able to compare him to a much less capable man, let’s say a criminal for argument’s sake. Is one Richard Branson equivalent of x number of other people? I suppose you can say well in this case how good is the criminal and how much can he steal, blow up etc?

What a silly analogy, but it’s the same in terms of if someone says to you “You stepping over the line young man!”.

I wonder what line this is, because it’s imaginary and in that person’s head alone. I’d be inclined to take a marker pen and draw a line for them on their throat or just below their nose :).

I don’t know why but it bothers me that we have to substantiate why we can live somewhere or enter a country. Why we have to carry passports and define ourselves by where we were exactly born. Culture is different, because you could be an African-American and your cultural following to be associated to Hinduism. I mean that is freedom of choice!

When the world was first created it was a free for all, why all of a sudden have we allowed possessiveness to take over and of course greed?

Now I feel like I need to cherish what I have, which may be the 1 square meter below my feet.

By the way in terms of crossing any borders, I won’t really be using any cruise liners any time soon. I pray for the people who were affected by the recent tragic events and I really do not understand how something so careless could have been done.

I’ll stick to flying instead.Try with me to bring down the borders that change your behaviour and shape you into an undesirable person. At the end of the day, rules are made by people and we can hardly say we are all perfect and therefore in result nothing is.

Now I am off to dreamland.


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