Why do they call them Buffalo wings?

So before you go and search on google or wikepedia, or whatever else you use to check things out I am going to tell you why they call them buffalo wings, so just keep reading and have some patience.

I sometimes wonder why we call certain things the way we do. We use language as an expressive medium and all of us slightly variate in the way we address people or things.

For example in Australia girls are called generally Sheilas, well do you know why? Because it was a common irish name and there were lots of irish settlers so it became common language.

Do you know what a carhop is? I bet that sounds awfully weird. Well it’s someone serving food at a drive-in, often on roller-skates

At least I am not asking you to decipher what this means : floccinaucinihilipilification.

By the way it means : Estimating that something is valueless.

Getting back tot the buffalo wings, they are called this because they originated from NY, Buffalo. The sauce that they are made from has vinegar, tabasco sometimes, butter and such like ingredients. Can’t say they are not tasty, unfortunately I can’t eat them.

Try and make sure that whatever you are saying is clear and understood by the other party. Sometimes asking them to repeat what they have heard helps you understand if they have understood or not.

Now  in order for you to understand me “I am going to bed”, in addition to make it clearer to you more peculiar folk:

1. I’ve got a date with the Sandman
2. I’m off to la~la land
3. I’m tippin’ the lights
4. Shut~down time
5. I’m about to take my nightly swan~dive
6. I’m about to knock out
7. catch some ZZZZZs
8. hit the hay
9. go nitey nite
10. hop in the sack
11. slip between the sheets
12. get some shut eye
13. retire for the evening
14.looking at the insides of your eyelids
15. saw some logs
16. drift into dreamland
17. get my 8 hours
18.take a siesta
19. count sheep

You catch my drift?


4 thoughts on “Why do they call them Buffalo wings?

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