Only for Women

So I went shopping with my mom today and she can be a handful. She loves looking at everything there is in the store, if there is anything quirky then she will definitely buy it. Which is great actually, but it takes time.

Good that it did because I managed to buy myself a very interesting book

The Natural Health Bible for Women

I started reading it today and there are a lot of things inside that I have yet to learn. I thought I had my diet all figured out, because I managed to make my system happy, but I think there is a whole load more to learn.

The book really does go into a lot of details about our hormones, our organs and what we should do to have a balanced lifestyle and diet. That is why this book is good for all women of all ages.

According to the writer women should very seldom, if not at all, eat Red meat, sugar, poultry or white bread. It increases the bad bacteria in our bodies, specifically in the female organs.We should eat a lot of whole grains, fruit, veggies, fish and eggs instead. A healthy diet is a varied diet ladies!

We need to exercise 3 to 4 times a week and drink plenty of water. When you drinking your tap water don’t assume it’s the best thing there is, because it isn’t as it contains lead and arsenic. You therefore need to invest in a water filter and just purify it. If you drink mineral water, best buy it in glass bottles and watch out for the sodium(salt) content. Drinking water from plastic bottles enhances the chances that oestrogen like chemicals in the plastic can contaminate the water and cause imbalances in your body.

Unfortunately for all of us, we need to eliminate coffee from our diet as it is a diuretic and it makes us more dehydrated, causing a loss in good nutrients from our bodies. De-caff option apparently is also no good because it contains 2 other stimulants. I suppose I will have to stick to my herbal teas.

The book also goes into details about abdominal massages, reasons for heavy or no periods, how to spot cancer, menopause, making babies, conception, varicose veins, cysts….etc.

It is really comprehensive and would be a great aid to any woman!!


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