Finding out I am pregnant

Love the bump

I have been worried all my life that I would not be able to get pregnant easily. My mother found it very difficult with me, it took her 1 year and a half. However, the opposite was true.

When you are young and you get to that stage in your life when you would like to think that starting a family is the next step, sometimes you question your body and it’s abilities. You have never put it to the test before, so it’s completely new.

Well one night on the 14th Feb, yes on Valentines, I decided that I didn’t feel like myself and needed to check what what was happening. That night my husband and I held a positive pregnancy test in our hands and we looked at each other with confusion. I kept asking him what the cross meant. We didn’t believe it at all, so when we went to South Africa we had organised an appointment with the gynaecologist and there little baby Dino was huddled in my little womb. Waving his little hand like the queen and chilling out. He looked like a little bean, but still a small version of a little person.

The first couple of months of my pregnancy were extremely difficult. I was really tired, I felt like I had been hit by a truck or  a bus maybe. Something huge in any case. I had to sleep everywhere, my blood pressure and sugar was low. I wasn’t hungrier or anything, just felt nauseous some days. They are very subtle symptoms that come about during this time. I was beginning to have a very strange rash on my face, very mild reddening. Somehow you know things are different in your body.

The tummy slowly started forming and very quickly I began to not be able to fit into my size 6 clothes anymore. Size 8 – 1o was fine for sometime. I decided to quickly move to wearing maternity clothes, so as to feel free and not obstruct the baby growing inside of me.

I never drank, never smoked, took plenty of rest, tried to keep calm and happy. I began eating loads of fruit and vegetables. I couldn’t eat meat for a long time. I craved feta cheese and could eat plates and plates of fruit. Fish tasted like meat and chicken was no good either. After about 3 months I slowly started eating fish again and chicken. Then in my 4th month I started eating meat from time to time and now it doesn’t bother me much at all. Beef has always been a problem though. I followed the nhs guidelines strictly and can’t wait to be able to eat pate and sushi soon.

At the same time my friend had her little baby girl and my other friend was also pregnant with a baby girl, everyone around me had started having families. It was really encouraging to be around people in the same circumstance.

Telling my family and friends was the most exciting part, we questioned when it would be the right time. With our parents we decided to let them know immediately, but then again some people like to wait. With our close friends we waited unit after the first scan and with the rest of our friends we waited till we were at least 3 months. The first 3-4 months of pregnancy things are always a little riskier and we would have preferred not to say much just in case. People slowly began to become suspicious due to me not touching any alcohol at all, I had to use a variety of reasons why not.

By 4 months I was craving sugary things and was allowing myself to eat something now and again that was probably not the best for me. I didn’t really put on weight as such. My bump was starting to form, but was really small and you would not know that I was pregnant.

I only got my energy back around 5 months and I was back to normal, more able to do chores on the weekends and take care of my husband. I regularly read about pregnancy, breastfeeding, giving birth, breathing and exercises. I couldn’t really do much exercising as I found it hard to exert myself physically, I regularly was out of breath when trying to do too much like run up a flight of stairs.

I had a couple of scares during the pregnancy: 2 of them were related to severe back pain and had many episodes of ligament pains around the pelvis, which came in the form of cramps. Also, 1 time I also had a really hot sensation overcome my body while sitting down in the train and I thought I was going to collapse. That scary episode got me admitted at the hospital for observation.

I can give you some advise about those type of things:

1. Pregnancy women do get dizzy and faint. Make sure you always drinking and eating snacks.

2. Avoid congested transport

3. Wear cotton and keep cool

4. Don’t stress

5. Take your pregnacare supplements, they are really good as they make sure you are taking the right dose of folic acid which is needed for the baby not to develop any disorder like spina bifida.

6. Take calcium and magnesium – it eliminated my back-pain completely and no more cramps!!

7. Stay a minimum of 20-30 min in the sun a day for vitamin D, it helps with all the absorption of other nutrients and is key for your happy health.

In the next article I will tell you more about what happened to me in my third trimester.

The second just flew by so quickly, as there wasn’t much to it. I managed to also start antenatal classes to help with the mental side of things.

Dreaming during pregnancy is very vivid and you can have nightmares and wake up often, also because you need to go and pee. The bladder seems to get smaller as time goes by. Also, when you get tired you tend to get grumpy, so prepare your men for that.


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