Broken friendships

FRIENDSHIP (Photo credit: Woody Shakti)

You would think that broken friendships pretty much only occur when you are a kid, but this is far from the truth. I always thought that good friendships have their ups and downs and we are adult enough to talk through the problems that exist in order to move forward. This is all however reliant on people being rational.

Unfortunately the biggest friendship culprits are egos, money, affairs and jealousy.

If you want to be enlightened then those are the things you need to let go of within yourself first. Don’t expect good deeds and repayment from people just because you have gone out of your way. Even more so, don’t expect more than you have given. Measuring your own contribution is a biased and dirty thing. You give not to receive from someone, but to receive from yourself a feeling of peace, joy, harmony and added self worth.

Don’t boast so you don’t make people jealous and similarly enjoy in the successes of others as the inspiration, positivity, knowledge and good will this may bring you far outweighs the success itself. Other people’s success is also your success as you share their life and support them to achieve, which is a beautiful achievement that you should be proud of.

Do not judge for the biggest judge is not yourself. People have the freedom of choice and although we may be willing to share knowledge, we cannot impose. If we impose, then we will be unable to support and be there later when our loved one needs us.

Don’t be too sure what another man has done wrong for it may be a lesson he is meant to learn now to avoid a bigger obstacle in the future, and you don’t know what the future may bring.

Go in peace and enjoy the moments, be they good or bad, as life is a blessing and adventure to be conquered.


4 thoughts on “Broken friendships

  1. there is technology to literally undo the past and even parts of the past too. yes, there is technology to undo parts of the past as well as the past too. the future is the past is the future. and the past is the future is the past.

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