Why do women nag?


Nagging can have a profound negative effect on a relationship, but also a negative psychological impact on the children who witness this act between two parents.

Before you jump to conclusions, we don’t just do it for fun or because it is in our genes.

Nagging habits develop through frustration, disappointment, anger and the feeling of being disrespected. Women generally are very active in their homes and they like to feel comfortable, this is because they have the feeling of nesting.They like to feel relaxed, comfortable and cosy. When a women sits down to rest in her mind a swarm of chores is encircling in a big fat list and the more she notices her surroundings she begins to acknowledge that there are things around her that are not quite right. She therefore cannot feel proud of the house or “nest” that she is taking care of for her family, therefore she cannot rest. It is difficult even if she tries to do this. This can also contribute to restless, sleepless nights filled with reiteration of that list, just in case she forgets something.

Over time the frustration of having to put items on the list aside, for extended periods of time, makes her agitated and nervous. She begins to problem solve and sees that you, her man, would be the perfect saviour to help along with these problems. After-all this is what she married you for! She approaches you, you hate doing chores but you feel obliged to help your wife. She works just as many hours as you, cooks and supports you and has been doing the majority of chores, if you are honest with yourself, for years. During this time you noticed her getting tired, but it didn’t bother you much. You thought giving her mental support and cuddles was enough, because she never complained before and never really asked you for help. You never wondered why that was, but if you did you would have come to the conclusion that she truly loved you. You would feel guilty and possibly think twice about how you showed her you loved her back. Now you might think, “oh, was that the reason she kept asking me if I love her? and I thought it was a stupid question that made me quite irritable.”

There are days you just can’t be bothered, you fall into a habit of not doing things regularly, you are tired and want to relax more. Maybe you want to play games, go out for beers, watch tv etc. When this happens, you have allowed yourself to take time out, but she cannot do afford to do this. The minute she does, everything will tip out of balance even more until your woman will become depressed and unable to handle the demands of life.

So next time your lady is nagging you, think to yourself why? The nagging is really a sign of desperation that you would acknowledge her and respond to her cry for help. All she wants you to do is respect her efforts and help her out. After all isn’t this what you expect from your boss at work? If this doesn’t make you feel like you are a hero or a boss at home, then I don’t know what will?

Unless you can afford to pay someone else to help your wife, you better get on with it!

God forbid the next time she has man flu and you got to do it all on your own. Well if you help her now, chances are she will be less stressed and healthier.

In the end we love each other and therefore should respect each other by helping one another.



3 thoughts on “Why do women nag?

    1. Sometimes we don’t look at the way we got to a particular outcome, the focus is always on the end result rather than on the root cause and I think this is why we end up not being able to solve the real problems.

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