How do we get inspired?

I have wanted to write this piece for some time now, there have been nights when I have felt that I had all the right thoughts in my mind to be able to construct something useful and today I just decided to try.

Inspiration comes from many different sources, I have found that travelling has contributed the most to my creative development. I have been disillusioned in the past to think that watching tv or movies would inspire me, but all it did was the opposite.

Is inspiration all about creativity? …. Absolutely not! Inspiration can be for starting up a business, joining a charity, joining a dancing class.. it is doing something completely different to your every day activities. In life we need changes, because if we don’t inject new fun things into our lives we are not truly living for ourselves, but for others.

You live as a mom for your children, as a wife for your husband, as a daughter for your family, as a husband for your wife, as a dad for your children. What are you living as for yourself?

I have met many people who have said that they don’t know exactly what makes them happy, recently my husband shared the same stories with me. It seems our gender doesn’t make a difference, we seem to all feel the same things when it comes to enjoyment. Some of us over enjoy, which is not enjoying but indulging in non-healthy activities which actually are suppressing an internal unhappiness and mutilating our bodies with toxic habits.

So how do we introduce the positives and remove the negatives?

Well, nothing happens without exploration. To be an explorer you need to find the time, mostly the will, the dedication and determination to change, but also sometimes we need a bit of extra money to do things or join classes. The best way to continue on the journey is to tell people that we are exploring and get them to encourage you, join others who are doing the same and being part of groups of people who know how to have fun. In the end it is all worth it!

For those of us who it doesn’t come naturally to we need to make an effort, so we start by mentally injecting positive affirmations.

“Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation, and which are repeated many times, in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they have to be repeated with attention, conviction, interest and desire.”

You can write yourself posted notes, or change your screen saver, have it on your desktop or phone. The more they rhyme the more they stick to your mind. You can get them recorder or get people to repeat them to you.

You then have to put yourself out there, try something challenging even though if that means risking and exposing yourself. Better risking the exposure than continuing to feel down and depressed.

Over time, you will become comfortable with trying these things out naturally. Meeting people and not living in the routine. The new you will inspire others and inject positive energy in your belief system. If you want that new body, or you want to start that pottery class or you have always wanted to sing. Do it, for later will never come and we need to enjoy the present. Pick up that paint brush and change your destiny, only you can do it. Just believe.

Inspiration comes to those who are at peace, who are happy, who are open to the world and see, listen to things that they are not used to. Connecting things that have never before been connected or being inspired by people who are projecting the positive energies that form the waves of change. You don’t have to be young to do it, but willing.


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