Easy to make Christmas presents

I know it’s nowhere near Xmas, but you might as well get thinking about what presents you going to get for friends and family, and what budget you going to set aside for this.

Seeing as I will be busy with a baby for the remainder of this year and because I want to make some personalized gifts, I have already made a couple of things to give away.

This year I’m making scarfs, not the Rudolf looking ones, but slightly more fashionable.

I prefer to buy thick yarn that has flowing colours. The money I spent for the present is mostly due to the quality of the yarn, the important things is that it’s soft, colourful and not synthetic. It must contain a high wool percentage, so it keeps the person warm.

What you need:
1. 20 mm thick knitting needles
2. Wool, one rather large and thick ball of it. But the length is down to you.

To start cast 6 stitches, after that cast one stitch for every existing stitch followed by wrapping the yarn around the needle again. If you want a thicker scarf start with 9 stitches and double up to 18 for the second row.

For the third row combine two stitches together to form a stitch and repeat the same pattern overt and over till the end.
Cast off.

Very simple and it comes out beautifully. If you want you can buy a nice inexpensive brooch to go with it or make some flower like patterns out of beads and attach to the scarf for extra decoration.

You can make this present as cost-effective or expensive as you like, depending on if you can get a bargain on the wool.


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