Making fitted sheets for your baby


As promised I am sharing the instructions to make fitted sheets. You can make them at home for less than half the price out of whatever material you want.


Seeing as my baby is going to be an October baby, I decided to buy a thicker, softer cotton material.

What you will need:
1. Material for the size of cot bed/ crib you have. Remember you need more for the sides and to be able to wrap around the bottom, as well as fold to insert elastic into. This will also depend on the thickness of your mattress, so I advise measuring it on there.
2. Elastic, this will be just slightly shorter than the circumference of your mattress.
3. Thread and sewing machine
4. Any decorative items you want to sew on afterwards, remember it needs to be flat and un-obstructive so that baby doesn’t choke on it.

Take your material and fold and sew all the sides by 1cm, to prevent the material from striping apart.
Once you have done this make a bigger fold and sew all the way around. Make sure you make the corners round and leave one corner unsewn. This is the corner you will begin inserting your elastic from.
The trick is that you should attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic, this will help you push your elastic along through inside of your sheet.

Make sure you evenly spread the now denser sheet around the elastic. Sew the elastic tightly together, to prevent it from ever tearing apart. Once done, sew your remaining hole closed.

Presto, you are now finished! Well done.
You have yourself a fitted sheet.



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