Spinach and Feta Pie craving

Today I had my first real pregnancy craving, it was so strong that I could probably have chewed my hand off if I didn’t get it.

Apart from needing more sugar in my diet, I have been craving only fruits and veggies and unable to eat much meat. Anyway, this is probably the worst thing I could have eaten for my diet. But.. as they say you only live once and not everyone is perfect 100% of the time. Also, it is kind of my dad’s fault for bringing the idea up this afternoon. By the way, small triangles of this stuff is called spanakopita in greek.

Plus I am feeling rather exposed having posted my first chapter of my book on my blog.

So I will tell you how to make this delicious pie, that my husband also enjoys.

1. you need 6 eggs

2. feta cheese 150 grams

3. filo pastry, one carton

4. oil

5. spinach (one bag)

you will need a brush, a little bowl for the oil, one over tray and a fork. Also, I normally boil the spinach so it’s softer and easier to apply on the pie, but don’t over-boil it because then it will lose all it’s nutrients.

Put your oil in your little bowl and brush it on the inside of your tray. To prepare for the filling, grab a fork and crush the feta cheese into small little pieces, then break the eggs on top of this and beat it up. Don’t add the spinach in here, or it will just make the mixture too wet.

Take one filo pastry leaf and on the one side brush on some oil everywhere. Add along the narrower side the egg and feta, as if you making one thick line near almost the edge of the leaf. Lay a few spinach pieces on-top of your egg and feta line, then begin rolling gently until you get to the end. apply oil on the outer sides of this and begin making a circle on your tray. Repeat until you have done all your leaves the same way.

Put in the over @ 200 C. If you see your pastry is cracking a bit, you can sprinkle some water droplets on-top. When it is nice and golden usually your pie is ready.

Take out and serve semi warm. You can serve it with yoghurt.



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