How to cope with disappointment?

I’ve had my share of disappointments over the last few weeks. Especially with regards to how I would have liked or would like certain things to work out.

I have had to come to the realization that sometimes no matter how in control you think you are, some things are just out of your hands no matter what you do.

It feels like you nudge things in the right direction, sometimes for ages and yet they come out all wrong. So in the end what is disappointment?
Well, it’s actually a state of mind. It is what we chose to be in a given moment in time. To be a good manager we usually handle the expectations of our staff and of our clients, but what we actively forget to do is handle ourselves. This is what most of us call as preparation or acceptance, acceptance usually comes after we want to move past disappointment. Preparation is not always possible, however there are the wise few who always say keep an open mind.

I think keeping an open mind when you are an organized project manager, or a person with the qualities to want to make lists and who doesn’t like the unexpected, is hard. What can you do?
1. You can start by clearing your mind and relaxing. Breathing techniques can work wonders. Breath deep and exhale slowly.
2. Focus on the bigger picture, goal not the nitty gritty of each and every step of the journey.
3. Begin to feel the excitement of the possibilities ahead of you.
4. Embrace the changes as positives as they happen. See them as opportunities or safeguards for the better or even better see them as challenges.
5. Challenges are there because you can achieve more and go further.

If all else fails work out and burn those bad boy thoughts!!

What do you think? You think you can do it? If not today, don’t worry with time comes wisdom and patience will get you there.


2 thoughts on “How to cope with disappointment?

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