A rewarding feed

English: Breastfeeding an infant Português: Um...
English: Breastfeeding an infant Português: Um recém-nascido em aleitamento (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have to say that I am being considerably well cared after between my mother in law and my husband. I think without them I would have struggled to cope big time. What most women don’t realise is that while you are taking care of your little one, someone needs to take care of you. I generally forget to eat and don’t often feel hungry. My mother in law cooks lovely meals however, she cleans for me and lends me a hand with the baby often. We are all a little team here and everyone is getting a chance to bond with our little one.

The baby is already smiling, which seems odd considering what the literature says. I feel very tender all over, I am having considerable abdominal pains and also pain in the coccyx, so having to take pain relief medication.

Naturally children can easily get jaundice, so it is important to feed them well and also to go regularly for walks outside. The first few days you feel so shattered, especially when you have delivered over night. Not only did you just exhaust yourself from labour (standard labour 12 hours for first borns), but you also now have this little cute thing waiting to be fed every 3 hours and everyone is fussing around you to see him that no one considers what you going through. I would recommend that you don’t shy away from telling people it is not a good time for you to have visitors. Also, don’t feel scared of being readmitted especially since it’s for the best.

Another major thing I learnt is that no matter if you in labour or not, you always have to keep an open mind even through parenting. I was against using a dummy, against using bottles and yet I have had to use both.

Our little baby has been breastfed from the word go and it is so amazing to see that your body can supply almost immediately what your child desperately needs. It is not easy to get it right, for example getting the baby to latch on right, but once you have done it a few times and you doing it with confidence it’s a walk in the park. Babies who are underfed generally find it hard to latch on. Breast pumps come in handy and you need it to change for the las vegas vacation.

When you breastfeed like I did within the first hour, your baby self soothes through the trauma of the birth and also bonds with you. He gets the right nutrients and content to set his intestines in motion and to get that system moving. Initially of course your baby will poo meconium, but as you feed more his poo will change to being more a mustard colour. Your baby if normal would pee almost at every feed.

Don’t believe it when people say that babies who are breast fed don’t need winding, because they do as they can develop colic otherwise. Babies who are breastfed generally don’t put on weight as much as bottle fed babies, however they can if fed with more milk. To achieve the increase in milk you need to feed your baby on the boob as much as they can take, then you need to use an electric or hand pump to express the rest of the milk. At every feed you can feed at the breast and offer a top-up. In this way you get to know how much your baby is drinking and how much more he needs to go in order to allow him to start picking up that weight.

I feel there is almost no reason wshould sit and talk about the benefits from breastfeeding. As we all know the milk contains unmatchable amounts of the right stuff.

Using the above method of feeding I managed to get my baby to gain 150grms in 1 day, which is incredible. I would recommend the philips avent breast pump, hand held is not a problem at all.

If your baby is not hungry, not dirty and all the causes are eliminated but he continues crying, I would recommend the use of a dummy. The continuous crying makes him lose too many calories and it is unpleasant. Play baby music for stimulation.

My baby did not confuse the dummy, the bottle and the breast but he was well latched on since day one, so have this under consideration.

If your baby is beyond sleepy then I recommend that you go to sleep well.Set your alarm clock so as to know when to feed and also wear a bangle or use a pin to indicate which side you will need to feed him with.

Some women give up easily, to them I say it’s not worth it in the long run. Breast feeding is terribly rewarding and you don’t need to worry if the baby has any allergies and you always prepared for it. Drink lots of fluids!! Gives you those few moments alone with the baby and you build a stronger bond, your uterus contracts and the fat deposits are being utilised and your figure will soon begin to develop.

I know some women genuinely can’t breast feed, you have plenty of time to learn and sort it out if you want it within the  first couple of months. If you can’t and you want your baby to have the benefits of the breastmilk use the breast donations.

Just do what feels right and if you can’t at all, don’t fret! As long as you are having some bonding time with baby and you eating well, things will go in the right direction.


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