Who said parenting was easy?

Since day one as a parent you feel an overwhelming pull towards your baby, a sense of great responsibility that sometimes can become a personal burden.

You want to do right by your child for their physiological needs as well as their emotional needs. You know that everything that you do now is for them and almost see that you live for them.

You and your partner feel that something has changed, and sometimes couples need to learn to readjust. Don’t forget that your relationship is important for you and your baby, bonding together and not forgetting your partners need to be appreciated and loved is important. You partner also needs to feel like they are able to participate in the decision making process for your new child. Sometimes, partners who have had laid back roles within the relationship change and now want to do more to be part of this experience and in your child’s life. You need to learn to adapt and accept their help and love.

An experienced parent once told me that it is important that you don’t argue, but if you discuss things in detail it should be concerning things you both have serious views on. If you truly disagree on something and want to  go into more depth on the topic  then it should be discussed.

Mother’s instinct generally helps with knowing what’s right and getting a positive result, however if you jump to action without your partners consent they will feel neglected and eventually this will rub off negatively in their relationship with the baby.

It’s difficult to control your emotions when you are tired, hormonal and there is so much out of your control that you once were able to handle. Take deep breaths, clear your mind and respectfully answer.

I guess the hardest part of parenting is in the middle of the night, when your eyes feel tired and your baby is eating, your partner is fast asleep and you know you have to do this in 3 hours again.

Sometimes it’s hard to show love even to your baby with more than just nurturing him/her, because you don’t even have a moment for yourself. This is all normal.

Being a good parent is trying to provide consistent care to your little one and showing some affection to your partner who is also undergoing drastic emotional changes.


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