Do I need a breastpump?

When I first started putting together a list of things that I needed for my pregnancy I never thought a breastpump would be one of them. Most women have said what the hell do you need a breastpump for when you are breastfeeding? The truth is my baby is almost five months and i haven’t stopped using it.

I have needed it for the following reasons:


1. my baby had jaundice and I had to pump extra milk to top him up to gain weight cause it was easier for him to drink from the bottle in the beginning, then I shifted to breast only. My son has picked up weight nicely and is now a healthy little boy. I don’t think we would have gotten away without the breastpump unless I gave him formula which is not as good as breastmilk.

2. I, like my grandmother, produce a huge amount of milk so when I am uncomfortable I pump some of the milk out and now I have a nice backup plan if anything were to happen and my little one would still get his yummy milk.

3. I had mastitis three times, so it helped me through the problem.

4. my baby was sick and wouldn’t drink from the breast, his gums were hurting, one time his throat was red and sore, another time he felt too stimulated to calm down and eat etc. etc. Having the breastmilk pumped meant I could feed him with a spoon and feel happy that he didn’t go more than 4 to 5 hours without food or drink.

At the end of the day it is your choice, but I initially had a manual pump and then bought the electric one as I needed it more. Now when I look back, I don’t think I would have managed breastfeeding this long without it. My milk would have dried up when my son was having hunger strikes. I would be continuously on antibiotics because of mastitis etc. This invention is invaluable.

There are many different types of pumps and you got to choose the one that is right for you. I see mothercare even brought out their own. I don’t see why you need to hire an industrial one from the hospital, i didn’t find it more powerful than the Avent one I am using. Avent has even come up with a newer design.

Just know that when you buy it, your bottles will be from this range and everything.

Click here to see the Avent pumps.

If you have a low milk supply this might be your answer also, demand and supply well here you go. Pump every hour and you will definitely increase your supply. This is really good for mothers who are going back to work and who want to continue with the breastmilk. You can pump anywhere, just take some batteries, there is a chargy thing that plugs in so you can carry on with your electric breastpump. Don’t skip pumping and breastfeeding, cause you may end up getting a plugged duct or with a decrease in milk supply. If you pump till then end then you will get a stronger milk supply, so be careful how you pump not to overdo it.

It is a perfect tool to help relieve your pain when you are engorged and also to helps if your letdown is strong, because you can pump some of the milk away and then get baby latched on so they don’t get sprayed or reverse when your baby wants a stronger letdown and yours takes some time, so you begin with pumping until it happens and then latch baby on.


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