The Journey to Adulthood


Where to now?

So here I am alone in South Africa, recently moved out of that big house into my own little flat and as stubborn as I am I decided to take with me my little pet Maya. I adored that dog. Poor thing, not used to a small apartment ended up pooping even on my pillow. Guess she was fed up with me.

So I had to phone my friend and ask her if she would take her to her aunt. Worst of all was, once I let her go I could not go and visit. I would be too heartbroken and would have to take her back. Unfortunately my friend let slip that my dog had been sitting at the fence starring out into the distance hoping that I would come and find her. The bitterness of those thoughts still haunt me today and make me really understand the bond we form with animals. I really loved all my pets and separation is the worst, whether its due to loss or circumstances. You think about the wrongs the rights, what could have been better and what definitely should have been better….. it’s kind of sad.

To fill the void I got an amazing cat, who was super intelligent and super human like. He slept with me, peering out with his head from the blankies, he played at night with my curtains, freaking me out. It was a great friendship, something new! He was way too adventurous one day while I was on holiday, because he ended up almost getting his whole tail chewed off. My dad took him to the vet and they decided to give him the snip. Poor thing, he was never the same after that experience and I couldn’t find a way to sort it out.


I was studying on a scholarship at the University of Pretoria Electronic Engineering course with a lot of my German school buddies, seeing as they all decided to study engineering. I also made a really good friend Philip and we used to talk for ages and ages about everything and anything.

Somehow my relationship with G was taking the turn for the worst. When things like this happen then you start re-evaluating where you going. I always thought we would be in a long term relationship and it would lead us somewhere. I thought initially we would study engineering together because he was so enthusiastic about it, but one day he told me he had spoken to his parents and a whole new decision was made.

Then he started going out with strange people and not inviting me. I invited him to go to everything with me, I used to buy him presents regularly and overall spoiling him way too much. I think he felt claustrophobic with me by the end of it all. If there was no us, then there was no me in South Africa. So one day I called my mom, 1 month before the Universities in the UK were due to start and I said “Do whatever you can, cause I am coming over”.



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