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This is the life of me.

I see life differently

My parents and grandparents always used to say “You have to study something that is serious and stable.”


When I was little I wanted to be a doctor, I guess we all go through those different stages of professional interest. I used to use my grandmother’s stethoscope and listen to the hearts and lungs of my friends. I used beg my mother to take me with her on her ward rounds or whenever they called her when she was on night duty. I used to roam around the hospitals with my dad and help him out during small surgeries. I learned a lot of things, like the names of instruments, the names of syndromes, how to read x-rays and my mother used to test me on the subject also. I enjoyed it so much that it became part of who I was.

I was always good at drawing and I used to have my pictures featured on the walls of all the schools I went to as a child. It was my strongest subject. As I got older and finally went to highschool I continued to study design and art, I explored going to guitar lessons, dancing and  acting. More than anything I wanted to be involved in producing animation movies. My mother even took me to a company that made all the animations for one of the leading SA channels.

My parents could see that things were going differently to what they were hoping would happen for me. They had told me that medicine is not for someone like me, it is a lot of studying (all your life) and also not a family kind of job. I suppose now looking back at this, I feel that it is a lot of hard work and maybe I would have taken a lot of emotional things home that would have not been the most pleasant. My love for helping people always comes up when I do come into contact with these things and far more than anything it feels like it is in me to be a good doctor and someone who will see things easily and diagnose quickly. None the less I said to them that I wanted to do arts. After all their support in my interest they finally said it is not the best thing and there is not a lot of money in it. I think they probably didn’t think I was capable of making it big or because I would be struggling or maybe because they didn’t have the connections to help me.

In the end I was influenced to choose something else and I chose to do engineering. I thought that would be best, because I was creative and it would use my entrepreneurial skills. I was strong at selling and that combination I thought could be put to good use.

After many years of working hard and doing quite well in “my profession”, I realized that actually I am not using my direct engineering skills and working as a manager and using my business skills more.

I always remember something that I now despise, I used to look down on people who studied those subjects and not “something serious”. Maybe I was longing and wanting to do this myself and therefore was looking down on them.  How sad and pathetic.

Anyway, I am past this aspect of my life and now I am so proud of people who have had the courage to just go ahead and do what they believe in. Finally I am really looking forward to just being that person who I was meant to be, to giving up having to conform and exploring my potential. All I can hope and pray for is that others do the same.

It isn’t what the government says: We need these skills in the country so we will only sponsor you if you do that, or you can’t come into our country unless you do this…. It’s madness!

Be free people.


The busy pregnancy days


The last few days have been overwhelmingly busy with things that need to be done, from packing my bags and having them at the bottom of the stairs to welcoming everyone home from overseas. Last week the whole family was away, my parents in law in SA, my parents in Bulgaria and only my husband with me. All of a sudden one night I started having contractions, but far far apart, every hour and a half apart. Whoever has said Braxton Hicks contractions are not sore, they are just speaking on behalf of their experience. Mine were painful and lasted about 2 minutes.

Anyway, thank goodness they were not real contractions and didn’t get closer together. My little baby is now 37 weeks to date and we counting the days to his arrival. He is booked for an induction on the 16th October, due to the obstetric cholestasis, which is going to be the beginning of the 39th week. We hope that it will not come to an induction, but that he will just decide to come on his own.

In order to help things along we have asked the midwife to perform a stretch and sweep, which is a process that clears the membranes near the cervix and stimulates the production of prostaglandins. In a mommy who has not had kiddies before this is sometimes not possible as the cervix is too far to reach. The midwives do only up to 3 attempts and hopefully this will help, however if it does not then you have to go through the induction process. Also to help baby along, I listened to advice from friends to start taking primrose oil from this week. We still doing the perineal massage, but we slacking a little with it.

I am still going to my regular 2 weekly appointments for CTG and bloods, but everything is coming out normal. I have to say the hospital was really chaotic on Monday, we were there for 4 hours and I ended up hooking myself onto the machine and talking the midwives through everything they needed to do. There actually only was one midwife and one health care assistant for the whole Triage area. They had cancelled the Day Assessment unit and sent all the patients up, there were stacks of women everywhere. Some were in distress and others were coming for the second time to a scheduled induction to find out there was no place. One lady was even having reduced fluid and reduced fetal movements. I felt it was such a dangerous environment to be in with no hands on deck. If I went into labour that day I think I would have to call in reinforcements. The phone rang non-stop and the triage desk was covered with notes. I felt the least I could do is help myself to get myself out of there.

We are eagerly anticipating our child and can’t wait to play with him now.

Going through all the baby stores you see tons of cute little clothes and toys. Probably so many that they aren’t even required. I held back today from buying a really cute warm suit for him. I am so thankful so many friends and family sent gifts for our little baby. Babies just grow so fast that I would suggest you be wary of how much you actually buy.

All in good time we will be a happy little family holding and hugging tightly.

Oh, and you know how they say babies at this stage sleep 95-99% and you should expect reduced movements, well my little boy is wiggling like mad and hasn’t stopped. Lots of kicks to let his mommy know he is there. It is kind of really cute.