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Turn the TV on or off for baby?

I have noticed that from birth my son has been fascinated with the moving images on the TV and my ipad. I wondered a lot whether this was really bad for his eyes or in general. So as I always do… I did some research.baby-with-ipad1

Most moms believe that TV is actually good for their babies, as it stimulates their mental development and they are too little to understand or become hooked on it. As long as you not making an excuse of putting the child in front of the TV cause you need it for babysitting. There was however one lady who quoted the following:

The more television that toddlers watch, the more likely they are to have ADHD when they are school age, according to a provocative study in the April 2004 Pediatrics. The study followed more than 2,600 children, initially at ages 1 to 3. The overall rate of ADHD at age 7 was about 10 percent. But for the top 10 to 20 percent of television viewers, the ADHD rate was about 3 times higher – and increased by about 9 percent for every additional hour of daily television watch. This study did not look at different kinds of programs, and certainly does not tell us what caused what. Perhaps kids who already had short attention spans were more drawn to TV. Or their parents were more likely to need the TV for relief. But it’s also possible that exposure to the rapidly shifting images of television during those years of critical brain development changed the way that those brains developed. Until we know more, it is wise to be cautious about excess television viewing in the first 3 years.

Personally I completely disagree with the article above, I think kids who are prone to having ADHD are more likely to get hooked onto the tv screen because they are predisposed in this way.  If you looked into ADHD you will find that these kids can focus on things that are of interest to them, because they are so creative.

They might be good at maintaining focus for a long time when watching TV shows they like, doing art or building Lego models.

When asked why they can pay attention so well for these favored activities and not for other important activities, such as school or work, they often explain that they can pay attention easily on activities that are interesting to them, but cannot make themselves pay attention to tasks that do not really interest them, even when they know it is important. This makes it look like ADHD is a willpower problem, but that is not the case.

I personally think that ADHD is something that is not well understood by the paediatricians and it is a label I like to avoid. A lot of this hyperactivity and lack of concentration is down to nutrition or lack thereof, allergies or behavioural problems attributed by psychological problems at home, school or in the near environment to the child. babyipad

I do however believe that doing everything in moderation and creating a balance is important. Television and electronics are part of our lives now, avoiding these things will probably slow down your child’s development in the long run, because things are all done using these devices. Unfortunately they do however have Electromagnetic Frequencies that may pose some health problems to particularly sensitive children, so do be aware if your kids become restless at night time due to these things you may want to avoid them as the day passes by.

Babies can get scared from the things they see and hear on TV so try and be careful what you show them.

Another writer, Farhad Manjoo, for slate magazine agrees that the research is based on flaky evidence:

—is that really so bad? No, it isn’t. After digging into several studies, I found that there’s little to support a zero-tolerance policy on screen time. First, the prohibition against television for babies is based on shaky evidence. While some studies show television is bad for kids under 2, others present a murkier picture. The evidence against phones, tablets, and PCs is far slimmer. As far as I can tell, there’s no research showing that letting your baby play a game on your phone for a short while will harm him in any way.