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So what if my baby wears Ralph Lauren from time to time?

My baby boy is one month short of a year and I have finally decided that parenting is a full time job. It is probably the most rewarding and frustrating job you might have, but the benefits are endless and absolutely gob smacking amazing.

When it gets tough, you got no option but to get tougher. When it gets rough, you got no option but to keep going….. and when they get a cold… you get one too eventually. Worst of all is, you can’t call in sick!!! You can call friends and parents, but moaning won’t help, they’ll just tell you “that’s the way it is” and “we have all been through it”.

The big question after all is, “Are you prepared for another one?”.

I have to say that question has been swimming in my head for some time now and there are a lot of mixed emotions. I absolutely love spoiling my child. The old me would have said…”Why do kids have to wear labels, they grow out of their clothes so quickly and it will just be a waste of money?”. I didn’t realise I would  completely cut down spending on myself and just spend on my child. Anything from educational toys, fancy clothes, books and everything in between. Even dinner has become a permanent gourmet session.  Would I have to stop spoiling him when I have a second, because I would have to cut down on spending? Or would it be cheaper as you got some hand-me-downs? Do you have to share your love?

When I hugged my child tonight to put him to bed I thought to myself, thank you God for blessing me with this wonderful baby and for allowing me to become a mom. Lately I have been reading on facebook a lot of messages about how wonderful moms are. I bet a lot of those messages are written by moms. First you don’t really get to appreciate your mom until you have one. You realise how unselfish she really is. To be a mom you have to give freely, everything… literally. I mean I don’t eat half the time cause my son wants my food, even-though it’s the same as his. The best pieces now go to him, everything is reserved and booked and cooked according to the babies needs. The husband also kinda takes a backseat.

What we forget about is how wonderful our kids are and how much satisfaction you get from the little things. My parents and parents in-law are the same as us, all you hear is “Look at him, look what he is doing!” He may have done it 20 times, but it’s just as exciting when you see it happen again and again, until he masters that skill. It’s funny, because we satisfied with just a smile in the beginning and then everything they learn is like a major achievement. Every time my son goes to the toilet to do a number two in the potty I get so super excited and now he even claps for me when he is finished. I don’t see him doing that when he is 20, do you? He will probably be completely embarrassed if he had to read this in the future.

I was saying something to a friend of mine the other day that makes me look at life in a completely different light. Whenever someone ever asked me my age I would say 1 year higher than I was, I was constantly sprinting ahead. When I hit 24 I stopped that habit and now it’s like, “How old am I? Oh, I don’t know! Let’s calculated… 1..2..3…….uhm.. twenty-…?”


When our children are first born we just super excited about having them and we can’t wait till they can roll-over, sit-up, crawl… etc. We compare them to the other kids their age. We wonder why our kids haven’t learnt to do this or that as quickly as their peers. STOP and slow down.

Do you really want them to grow up so quickly? They won’t be babies anymore.

Do you really think they won’t learn those skills eventually anyway? Of course they will.

Just because Jerry got his first tooth at 4 months and yours at 14 months! So what, did you ask Jerry’s mom how it feels. She was probably totally excited about it when it happened, or maybe under slept and then she realised she has to brush the tooth. 10 months of brushing you didn’t have to do!! Turn the negative thinking into positive thinking and let nature just run it’s course.

Anyway, I enjoy being a mom and wondering if I can repeat it all over again. Oh and who cares if they grow out of the expensive clothes, at least they look cute in them. By the way, you can buy it on SALE :).


How to make funky cot bed bumpers

My first day away from work was on Friday and from the morning I really felt down, because I wouldn’t see the people I basically live my day to day with for a while now. Given that the baby could come as early as 2.3 weeks from now, I felt like I needed to take my annual leave.

I am not somebody who easily sits still. So.. I had to find myself some entertainment, unfortunately that came at a cost of £200.00 for various craft materials. Thank goodness my husband didn’t throw a fit when I told him.

I find a lot of solace in creating things and I have been doing this since I have been little, so there is no given up now.  In the next couple of posts, I will keep you up to date with all my little projects. One of which is making a cot bed bumper.

They can be generally quite pricey at the store and not exactly what you are looking for in terms of patterns. They are really, really simple to make.

Everyone has a different length cot bed, so I will leave the measurements up to you, but just mention what I have used.

  1. padding for the bumpers (2 sheets, 1 metre in length and 30 cm tall)
  2. colourful material of your choice (1.5 metre by 1.5 metres in length)
  3. thread and needles
  4. ribbon
  5. a sewing machine (unless you going to do it all by hand)

What you need to do is measure the filling for the cot bed and cut it down to size, then wrap the material around it and see where you need to sew in order to enclose it like you would a pillow. Sew the bottom part first and then the side, always sew on the inside of the material. You will now have something that looks like a pillow case with one open end. Put the filling inside and see how far you need to cut in order to have some material still left over for the end (approximately 3cm). fold the corners of the end material and sew on the inside for a perfect finish.

This was the easy part.

Now take your ribbon and cut it into strips, short enough to make little bows out of, but not too long so that they become a hazard. I always cut the ends at an angle because it looks nicer and I put a bit of material glue on the inside and let it try so that the material of the ribbon doesn’t come apart. On the opposite site of the ribbon, which is the side I am going to sew onto the bumper, I first stitch across it so that it doesn’t fall apart and then I sew it on. I make sure where I am sewing it on is near the end of the bumper cover and on the stitch that I put through with the sewing machine to make the finishing effect. By doing this I am reducing the visibility of my new stitches for the ribbons. On my cot bed bumper I have had to sew on 3 pairs of ribbons on either side.

The reason why I do not sew the encasing closed is because I may want to wash it in the future and I may not want to wash the filling as well as it can lose its shape. You decide what’s best for you. If you don’t want to put ribbons, you can use buttons, or clips or anything that will do the same job.

You hopefully will have some material left over from the initial cover, this you need to keep! You will make your straps for the cot bed bumper from this. You need to make sure it is sewn on one end and if you take it, it looks like a tunnel. You will then have to cut as many strips as you need for the size of cot bed bumper you are going for. Make sure to reinforce the stitching on the end once you have cut the strips. Then sew, with your sewing machine, along the left inner side the material together. Gently fold the strip outwards so that you can now see the pattern. You will need to carefully fold in the two unsewn sides towards to the inside and sew the strip shut.

Choose where best to attach your strips to the bumper. I usually stitch this on by hand. For my cot bed I decided to make 6 strips which will tie onto themselves once they go around the cot bed rails.

That is as simple as it gets.

How unprepared people are for a baby

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...
Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbilical cord has not yet been cut. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am always surprised to hear a mom to be say that she is almost at term and she doesn’t know anything about babies or labour. It seems very few women do research and read about what to expect in labour, also a lot of women who have been through it talk to all their friends about it and then suddenly forget the details and then later find it hard to really go into a lot of depth.

I think you probably so excited having your baby that you want to forget the agony you went through to get there. Well on the other hand, it really shouldn’t be agony at all. My antenatal class teacher always repeats, breathing properly, staying calm, eating regularly small things at a time and moving in the right way should supply your womb with oxygen, glucose and everything you need in order to make your birth experience easy and pain-free.

I mean all it is a muscle and one hell of a cramp if you don’t know how to do those things right.

What should you pack in your bag for the hospital?

Well this is what I got recommended:

  • lip balm
  • socks
  • petroleum jelly for baby bottom 🙂
  • straws to drink with
  • little mittens and hat for baby
  • clothes for baby (vest, baby grow)
  • nappies
  • disposable underwear or old undies
  • two sets of nighties or something comfortable to give birth in and then sleep in something else after delivery
  • baby’s first clothes to go back home with and blanket
  • car seat
  • your toiletries
  • camera + charger
  • phone + charger (list of phone numbers)
  • don’t forget your maternity notes and birth-plan
  • snacks and food for dad and mom
  • pillow
  • slippers
  • nursing bra
  • breast pads
  • heavy bleeding pads (maternity pads)
  • cds/ music for the room
  • scarf that you can use to lift bump and dad can massage with
  • tens machine if you got one

and one more thing ” a calm self in control”

Of course there are other things you can pack, but if you forget something don’t panic or worry. The dad’s are there for the rescue.

Pack early just in case, because labour can come in at any stage and don’t be alarmed if your baby is coming earlier than expected. Always inform your midwife about what is happening to you, so that they can support you!

Sometimes labour doesn’t go as you planned it to go, but as long as your and baby are safe you should not beat yourself up over this. You can only do so much, the rest is just mother nature.