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To IPhone or not to IPhone that is the household question!

So, recently my husband and I have just had it with our Samsung S3‘s. They are driving us mental! They freeze up for no reason at all, then you have to restart the wifi sometimes cause it doesn’t work,  or the phone will decided to restart on it’s own for no good reason etc.

I went to Vodafone and complained about the phone so that they could do something about it, but you know it had recently been services so what were they really going to do with it? Update the software,…. it was the latest version! The guy at the till told me that he also has a Samsung and he has had no problems with it. Ok, that’s nice. My husband and several friends have exactly the same issues as me, I am not fabricating!

In the end I decided to go for the IPhone, ok maybe it was those pesky, repeating emails about upgrading to the new S5. It makes sense right?  I mean everything at home is apple. But the thing is, well.. the phones are getting ridiculously expensive and not offering much more than the older versions.

The major difference between the IPhone 5 and IPhone 5s is the chip set, the biometric reader (big deal) and 2 hours extra battery life. The processor anyway seems to be the same.

Specs for the two phones.colourful plastc

I think the weirdest thing is that there are people out there buying the IPhone 5c’s? WHY?

There is no difference between the two phones. In the end you just paying a hell of a lot more money for a plastic casing, why not buy yourself a £10 cover?

Apple has apparently discontinued the manufacturing of the apple 4 and 5’s and there are forcing you to pay more money for the new handsets. That is a bit of disgrace, but hey.

iPhone 5 iPhone 5C
16 GB £529 £469
32 GB £599 £549
64 GB £699 n/a

It looks like I can’t wait till the end of next year, and what more can they really do to improve these phones anyhow?

So I will have to settle for an IPhone 5s on a contract for 12 months, with a discount from Vodafone on a corporate deal. Works out cheaper than a 24 month contract and you can upgrade in a year again!

By the way apparently there is a long wait for the gold version and it looks kinda cheap.

On a phone where you can’t put extra memory, I highly recommend getting the 32GB version. It seems silly to go for less in this digital age. And please, please, please don’t be the odd person that buys a green or yellow IPhone 5c!