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My little boy is 7 months old already

IMG-20130503-WA0001It seems like yesterday when Dino came into this world and yet yesterday was his first name day and he recently turned 7 months.

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. At Christmas time I had very close friends come over with their 9 month old daughter, I remember thinking to myself how grown up her baby was already. I saw her as a toddler and not as a little baby, which is really strange now because my son is 7 months and I still see him as my little baby. I guess I may always feel that way. I have immensely enjoyed every second of motherhood, yes even the bad times, as I see my son gazing into my eyes for any kind of reaction. Now he just babbles to himself and coos at me from time to time which is ever so sweet. When we wake up in the morning he wants mommy cuddles and he strokes my face, minus the accidental eye poking experience. We laugh, bath and play together endlessly eventhough sometimes I feel I am going to faint from sheer exhaustion.

I realize that giving him specific foods influences his moods also, so I have always tried to be cautious. I gave him grapes yesterday and I just couldn’t keep up with his energy levels which suddenly spiked out of this world. I keep thinking about when we finally decide to have another one how it would feel and how it would fit in with my precious boy and his demand for constant attention. Children are so precious and they really really do change your life in a drastic way, you even can’t watch movies in the same way anymore. This weekend we watch “The Impossible” and all I kept thinking was What is going through that mother’s mind? She is probably clinging onto life and her tired body for her little boy”. I feel sorry for all those people in Oklahoma or in Boston whose kids have been injured in these disastrous events. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through. Your life is your kids, they are your everything, your heart, your mind, your soul. What would you give to them, I would give them everything of me.

More than ever I feel that nothing else material matters anymore and that the outside world can go on and try and affect me but as long as my child is nearby and healthy I wouldn’t care less.

The there is watching Toy Story 3 when the child is no longer a child but a young adult going to college and the last scene is when the mommy walks into an empty room and realises that this baby is now ready to be a man and eventually he will have his own children. All I can say is, thank god that day is still far away and I still got plenty of time.