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Why do you expect to receive? Let me tell you my biggest gift

I know a while ago I wrote about disappointment, this time around I want to write about expectations and the gift of receiving. In my life I have had to ask very little of my parents, not because I didn’t need, but because they have always over provided. For this I am more than thankful and indebted forever. They gave me the gift of life, an education, love, compassion, encouragement, money, support, help and all the things necessary for me to become who I am today. It is funny how much we actually receive and how much more we actually want, be they physical things or otherwise. It might not be things we necessarily need, but we feel at that moment in time they would make us happy.gift_of_time

The people I have asked the most out of, well I would have to correct the term people and just say my husband and the other entity, if you want to be more correct, would be God. What can I say I am a needy wife and child. From them I have asked the world and they have always provided, even if it hasn’t been in time. In- between I have been disappointed. But why? well I think that I was disappointed because I always expected, as if I deserved. When I never expected from my parents and I received I felt I had received more than I deserved and I felt good. So was the key here is expectation? Yes, indeed it is. If we do not think we deserve, when we receive we will be overjoyed.

Where does this feeling of grander come from? Well, I believe it comes from many places:

– lack of confidence

– overcompensation

– spoilt

– complexed

They don’t sound like very good things do they, well we should try and cut them down then don’t you think?

It is so much nicer to give… I love giving to my son.. he gets something out of it and so do I. Now I am beginning to understand why my parents like giving me things, or so I have deduced. The best gifts have been wise words and lessons, those are the things that build memories and that remain forever. Material things fade and become dated and unwanted.

I remember a few important lessons my father taught me:

When I was going to school one day my looked at me and said : “Lilly, enjoy these years they will be the best years of your life. You have no obligations and are care-free, you can do anything you want to.” I thought he was being silly and all I wanted to do was grow up faster, but I still took in all those memorable years with both hands.

Then I turned nineteen and went to university and my dad said: “Lilly, enjoy these years as you get to learn your career and you are growing into an adult who can be self-sufficient and take care of herself. You are becoming independent and can go out and have fun with friends, but don’t forget to work hard. Make these years count and go wherever you want to. They were my favourite!” I thought they were his favourite cause he must have partied hard and it is easier to remember these years than the rest of them. So I worked hard and enjoyed myself.

When I got married my dad said to me: “Lilly, enjoy this time you have with your husband. You don’t have any children and you can do many things. No obligations yet and you are with the person you love. What better thing?” – This time I probably took mostly for granted and found it hard to grow into my adulthood.

When I got pregnant my dad said to me:” Lilly, enjoy the pregnancy because soon the little one will pop out and you won’t have time for anything. It is beautiful to be pregnant.” – so I did.

When I had the baby my dad said to me:”Lilly, enjoy this time with your son because it is so special. He is small and he needs you. He isn’t hard work and you get to feed him and bond with him and laugh.” – so I am, but I have taken a step back and thought of all the things my dad has said to me.

What he didn’t realise is that he was teaching me the biggest lesson of them all and giving me the biggest gift. He gave me memories and he gave me time. He taught me to enjoy life, every minute of it. Everything that happens is special and things change as you experience more of it. He told me to enjoy because sooner or later things would change and we miss the things we don’t have. Regrettably sometimes we don’t see the value in the things in front of us.

He wasn’t saying enjoy only this time, but enjoy all time.

So I hope that whoever you are and where-ever you find yourself in your journey you find time to enjoy it.


Broken friendships

FRIENDSHIP (Photo credit: Woody Shakti)

You would think that broken friendships pretty much only occur when you are a kid, but this is far from the truth. I always thought that good friendships have their ups and downs and we are adult enough to talk through the problems that exist in order to move forward. This is all however reliant on people being rational.

Unfortunately the biggest friendship culprits are egos, money, affairs and jealousy.

If you want to be enlightened then those are the things you need to let go of within yourself first. Don’t expect good deeds and repayment from people just because you have gone out of your way. Even more so, don’t expect more than you have given. Measuring your own contribution is a biased and dirty thing. You give not to receive from someone, but to receive from yourself a feeling of peace, joy, harmony and added self worth.

Don’t boast so you don’t make people jealous and similarly enjoy in the successes of others as the inspiration, positivity, knowledge and good will this may bring you far outweighs the success itself. Other people’s success is also your success as you share their life and support them to achieve, which is a beautiful achievement that you should be proud of.

Do not judge for the biggest judge is not yourself. People have the freedom of choice and although we may be willing to share knowledge, we cannot impose. If we impose, then we will be unable to support and be there later when our loved one needs us.

Don’t be too sure what another man has done wrong for it may be a lesson he is meant to learn now to avoid a bigger obstacle in the future, and you don’t know what the future may bring.

Go in peace and enjoy the moments, be they good or bad, as life is a blessing and adventure to be conquered.

Spiritual Healing

It’s funny how the more you hear about spiritual healing the more you think its an unattainable concept that the rich and famous continuously refer to.

But the most in-depth spiritual healing comes from yourself, when you don’t do anything more than just reflect situationally and abstract yourself from your emotions to look at pragmatic reasoning and logic to the sequence of things within your grasp.

Most of all that abstraction allows us to look upon ourself as an entity which would naturally be reactive rather than forward thinking. Your inner core will speculate with you whether you are on the right journey and that little voice inside, as much as it nags should be heard. The more you choose to ignore it the more the power it has dwindles and the more you lose the respect of yourself and your spiritual guide.

No matter your religion or belief these concepts ring true for all of us, as our energies are connected and do at times become one.

Have you noticed how a smile can travel long journeys? So can a negative mind. In the mornings on the way to work through the busy London tube stations, the beings who go with the flow disconnect themselves from the positive of those around them and focus on the abstract mission of achieving their target, which is reaching work. They are willing to push and shove their way through the masses of bodies, stomping and stamping everyone while they huff and puff at the slowness of the less optimally built individuals slowing the queues.

Survival instinct begins to kick in and you mnemonically kick into the rhythm of transformation to mimic this behaviour without thinking twice and the atmosphere builds to a more negative powerful form. Those standing at the gates to allow you through see this ignorance of respect and naturally begin to take it personally. I recently spoke to one of the attendants and he said that you so much for acknowledging that I exist. This interpretation leads to low self worth and impacts on their daily life and families and ultimately the chain reaction goes on into a vicious cycle.

Small changes in this could have an opposite ripple effect with brighter days and less pain. Let’s not forget what happens in the tube trains themselves, or did you not notice a recent book published on manipulation so you can get a seat? How about you give up your seat once in a while and feel fulfilled for it… especially to someone more needy than you, a pregnant lady or an older person?